Hery & Co


行業 : 保險業


Hery's & CO is a team which under AIA International Limited Supreme District.  

AIA International Limited

The AIA Group Limited exists to provide our customers with financial protection, security, and a comfortable future. So whether you need support in achieving your ambitions, supporting a family, enjoying retirement, or anything else: we understand where you’re coming from, because we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we like to think of ourselves as the real life company. 


 To be a valued,member-driven, international network of leading insurance and investmentfinancial services professionals/advisors who serve their clients by exemplaryperformance and the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, service andproductivity.  

A comprehensive program designed for graduates which aims at developing high calibreindividuals to provide financial planning services to High Net Worthindividuals and corporate clients.   


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