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About Ziglar Asia Pacific 

Ziglar Corporation was founded in Dallas, Texas, the United States, in 1977. The Founder, Zig Ziglar, remains the most influential and beloved coach in the United States, where his bestselling books, online programs, and seminars have impacted millions and fulfilled their wildest career ambition. Having helped over 250 million people worldwide achieve the best in personal and vocational performance, Ziglar Asia Pacific is expanding its training and recruiting business to Hong Kong.

At Ziglar Asia Pacific, inspiring people is what we do. By coaching each talent to his/her best and equip them to become the "Dream Candidate" for most suitable job position. We also offer value-added, complimentary coaching and private consultation services to enhance their skills, business acumen, and mindset, giving them an edge to excel in the job role.

As a sought-after training and transformation agent, our strategic partners include the Marriot Vacation Club, a subsidiary of the Marriott Group that operates over 8,000 hotels and 3,000 luxurious resorts around the world, the Wealth Academy of the famous “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Warren Buffett’s” Investment Products, and more.