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Ma Xingwen, also called Simon Ma, began studying Chinese ink painting and calligraphy with Mr. Fan Tzu Teng, one of the top 50 artists in China at the age of 7. Mr. Fan taught Simon how to “plant Chinese ink art in his heart,” which is following his heart to create his own Chinese ink painting techniques. Simon Ma went to study in the UK alone and graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture London in 1997. Having explored the art world for more than 20 years, he is deeply influenced by Chinese and Western art and culture. His early works are influenced by Qi Baishi, XuBeihong, Picasso and other famous masters. By combining Chinese with Western culture and using different materials, he has created many amazing contemporary art works with his own unique style. As an amazing artist with extraordinary talent and imagination, he gradually creates his own unique style. He once said: “Any living creature and object are the concept of “harmony.” In addition, he uses “water” and “horse” as his main creative themes. His arts are interactive in the spiritual level, so that the viewers can feel healed, nurtured, and motivated.  


His works cover a wide range, including oil painting, ink painting, sculpture, installation, image and other art fields. Moreover, the international top brands he has cooperated with include Ferrari, Bulgari, Lamborghini, Chivas, Ducati, etc.


Simon Ma’s artworks have been exhibited and collected in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Venice Biennale, Beijing National Theatre, Italian Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Shanghai, Zhejiang Art Museum, Xu Beihong Art Museum, Ningbo 1844 Contemporary Museum, Chinese Contemporary National Treasure Museum of Arts, and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.


“Never stop running, never stop creating”