HKT Services Limited


行業 : 通訊業


 香港電訊是科技、媒體及電訊的領導者,扎根香港逾150年。香港電訊作為真正的5G 網絡營運商,為企業及大眾接通本地和全球。我們的全方位企業應用方案,成為企業進行數碼轉型的不二之選。與此同時,我們全面的流動通訊及智能生活服務組合,豐富大眾日常生活,並滿足他們對工作、娛樂、教育、健康,以至可持續低碳生活的各種需要。連同我們支援數碼經濟發展及協助香港作為國際金融中心連繫世界的數碼企業業務,香港電訊致力為智慧城市發展作出貢獻,以科技成就未來。  



HKT is a technology, media, and telecommunication leader with more than 150 years of history in Hong Kong. As the city’s true 5G provider, HKT connects businesses and people locally and globally. Our end-to-end enterprise solutions make us a market-leading digital transformation partner of choice for businesses; whereas our comprehensive mobile communication and smart living offerings enrich people‘s lives and cater for their diverse needs for work, entertainment, education, well-being, and even a sustainable low-carbon lifestyle. Together with our digital ventures which support digital economy development and help connect Hong Kong to the world as an international financial centre, HKT endeavours to contribute to smart city development and help our community tech forward.

The share stapled units of the HKT Trust and HKT Limited are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK: 6823).

HKT Limited is a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability.