Prenetics Limited


行業 : 資訊科技


Prenetics is a leading genetics and diagnostic health testing company, having received over USD 60-million in strategic funding from Alibaba and more, and is operational in 10 countries with a team of over 200. Prenetics operates its direct to consumer genomics business via its two brands, CircleDNA and DNAFit. Prenetics, driven by a duty of social responsibility due to the global pandemic launched Project Screen, an initiative aimed at making COVID-19 testing easy, safe and accurate. Prenetics has to-date performed more than 300,000 RT-PCR tests in Hong Kong and  the United Kingdom. In Hong Kong, Prenetics was the 1st private laboratory to have been appointed by the Hong Kong government for mass community testing. In the United Kingdom, Prenetics was instrumental in the re-start of the English Premier League season having done the testing across 20 clubs for all of their players and coaches, as well as introducing a digital health passport in stadiums.