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行業 : 教育服務業


Quality education resources made accessible.

Tutor Circle(尋補) is a leading Hong Kong-based tutoring agency platform which specialises in connecting tutors and students. We are dedicated to provide personalised services and accredited tutors to our students and parents to overcome their academic difficulties.

Many college students take part-time tutoring, the founders of Tutor Circle were no exception at the time. However, they felt that private tutoring was uneventful, and problems such as commission miscalculation and deteriorating service quality affected the reputation of the industry. Therefore, in the third year of university, they started the entrepreneurial idea of Tutor Circle.

Tutor Circle aims to make quality education resources highly accessible to those in need, especially in the Asian society we are in with great demand for tutoring. In view of the global pandemic, 1-on-1 video tuition is now available on Tutor Circle to facilitate effective learning.

Thanks to our real-time matching system, Tutor Circle takes as little as 2 hours to provide tutorial matching services for student urgent needs. Tutors carefully selected from accredited universities with exceptional academic results, targeted to elevate your academic performance. Tutor Circle (尋補)是一個以革新、專業、貼心為學生們服務,並為同學們尋找最合適私人補習導師的補習平台。

Tutor Circle 的意念來自家長、學生、導師和公司的關係。Tutor Circle 希望作為溝通的角色,手挽手讓家長、學生及導師建立一個緊密和諧的關係,攜手一起培育社會新一代。

Mission 使命


Vision 願景


Tutor Circle (尋補) Co-founder Andy Ng

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