Event of coordinator




Work responsibilities

Familiar with the workflow of cultural and media tools for social media (Facebook, IG, Youtube) and the daily management of social media platforms

Follow up on the company's web pages and social media promotion of advertising content creation, editing, and daily interaction and maintenance

Write and participate in the production of advertising articles and conceptualize promotional items

Understand market dynamics, regularly analyze the promotion and social media outreach, develop a strategy to use data analysis tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, etc.)

Entry requirements

Bachelor's degree or

Advanced Diploma or Study in Design/Creative Media/Marketing Promotion is preferred

Experience in market and event planning (management experience, event planning and leadership experience is preferred)

Fluent Cantonese, good English and Mandarin, good writing ability in Chinese and English

Good computer application skills and computer software to handle image editing and video cutting (e.g. Adobe Photoshop and AI, etc.)

Skilled Web Apps and Social Media (e.g. Facebook, IG, Youtube and other online media)

Good communication and coordination, responsibility, creative, proactive, team work spirit, rigorous work attitude and efficient task and independent thinking