Junior Chef - Cuisine (IFC / Shek Mun Central Kitchen)


The Wellbeing Group (HK) Company Limited


The Wellbeing Group was established in Singapore in 2008 in celebration of the island’s great history as a trading post for teas, spices and fine epicurean products. A luxury concept that incorpora...了解更多




  • Responsible but not limited to one section of the kitchen.
  • Ensures quality food product is produced in a timely manner.
  • Checks daily menu items to determine kind and quantity items to prepare.
  • Assures all food items are prepared in an attractive and appetizing manner.
  • Ensures the proper handling, cleanliness and maintenance or work area, equipment, and cold storage areas.
  • Ensures that the company cost control policies and procedures are followed.
  • Communicate very closely with the Sous-Chef and Head Chef to discuss daily issues with the outlet operation
  • Primary area of concern will be the smooth operation
  • Personnel should wear their proper and clean uniform at all times, including hat
  • Cooking procedures and any food preparation are followed according to standards found in the trainings manual and the recipe program.
  • To have the highest food service and presentation in Central Kitchen / outlets.
  • The a la minute cooking procedures are set for each meal served in the Central Kitchen / outlets and maintained to assure a high quality food product
  • Menu/Food explanation for special menus need to take place on a daily base before opening of restaurant
  • Maintain the food operation on a minimum stock, this should happen with a visual and strict supervision
  • Follow at all times sanitation procedures and standards.