Chemical Engineer



  1. Participate in product formulation and lab investigations for data exceptions 
  2. Generate accurate lab records of tasks completed and verify the results of other lab personnel. 
  3. Use statistical methods to identify areas for improvement and make suggestions. 
  4. Participate in preparation of reports, oral presentation of data and results, and proper documentation of experimental results in a technical notebook 
  5. Investigate questionable or inconsistent results and report to the supervisor. Participate in an evaluation and clarification of the problem and provide suggestions for its resolution. 
  6. Make accurate records of tasks performed and data obtained. Prepare and maintain accurate and timely reports of progress and results. 
  7. Evaluate analytical data to determine compliance with establishes specifications. 
  8. Work with personnel from other departments in the resolution of quality and analytical problems. 


Education / Experience: 

Bachelor’s Degree is required: Mathematics, Statistics, hemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Chemical Science (other science degrees will be considered). 

Able to perform tests quickly and efficiently without sacrificing accuracy, safety or quality.