Why Part Time Jobs Are Bad For Students?

Part-time jobs have helped many people earn money without the hectic scheduling, only being allotted 20 hours a week. It’s benefited students in particular, as they are able to work and juggle their responsibilities in school. After all, they can earn money as they pursue their dreams!

However, there are adverse effects to watch out for, whether you’re a student or have working students in the family. What are these adverse effects? Read on as I show you the reasons why part-time jobs are bad for students!


The Pros Of Part Time Jobs For Students

Whether you’re a high school or college student, using it for necessities or extra allowance, many take part-time jobs. It’s seen to be a good thing to raise the responsibilities of a child.

Many college students today start working part-time jobs to sustain their college life and tuition fees as they study. Working part-time is a great way to get in the field and earn experience in the corporate world. It helps you gain value for your money, and to even earn extra to treat yourself out.

One is able to enhance their communication skills, undergo training, and even have better time management with the added responsibility. Getting a part-time job teaches you to think outside the box learning more things that school doesn’t teach you.


Why Part Time Jobs Are Bad For Students

While part-time jobs have excellent benefits for students in terms of learning, what about the rest? Unfortunately, a part-time job can adversely affect students in many ways, such as:


Your Academic Performance

The main worry many parents AND students face when getting a part-time job is how it affects one’s studies. Without much of the time to study AND the exhaustion from working, there’s a chance that energy and concentration hinders

As a result, the student might not be able to maintain better grades. Some even fail because of the lack of time and energy from work!


Family and Social Life

Besides school, a student also has their own personal life with family and friends. But with work taking most of one’s time, as well as academics, there’s little time to spend with loved ones.

Because of this, communication and relationships are strained, and it’s difficult to make time or prioritize the people they love. Also, because there are limited vacation and leaves, you might even miss some holidays with them!


Less Time For Yourself

One of the most important things a student must focus on is their me time as well. After all, you’ll need the rest and to ensure that you still have the energy to take care of yourself! But if you’ll juggle work and school, as well as time with loved ones, it’s difficult to prioritize yourself. It can affect your health in the long run, which I’ll get into.


No Work Benefits

As a part-time employee, chances are that you won’t have any extra benefits the full-time employees have. This means no insurance, health benefits, sick leaves, or holiday pays. Furthermore, there isn’t much of the job security, as most times, part-timers are laid off before full-timers. So while you get to learn and experience the job, you don’t know how long you’ll be working there for. This makes it hard to become a permanent source of income.


Physical and Mental Health Issues

Having a part-time job while juggling so many other activities can affect your physical and mental health as well! With too much on a young person’s plate, there are chances that they would breakdown from the stress, You can even get sick from a poor immune system due to lack of sleep or overwork. That’s why time management is extremely important!


Juggling a Part-Time Job As A Student

Now that you know about the pros and cons of part-time jobs, how can you juggle your time? Unfortunately, not many students have the luxury to choose to study over a part-time job, with them having to get both! To help you out, here are some tips to earn money while studying… Without burning yourself out!

  • Make sure that you choose the right place to work in. Not only should it be something you’re capable of doing, but it should also be at an accessible location. I recommend jobs near your home or school for easier access and less time wasted on transpiration.
  • Keep a record of your jobs for your CV, which can help you find future full-time jobs after graduation. Note down the skills you learned as well!
  • Organize your time and learn about time management, scheduling beforehand and taking note of your deadlines for school and others. Look at your entire week, so you’re able to plan when you’re able to study and give time for yourself.
  • Lastly, take care of yourself! Your health is still your top priority, so make sure that you eat right and get enough sleep. Also, take a break if things get too stressful.


Wrapping It Up

Part-time jobs have advantages, especially for students who need the income to sustain their lives. But, there are negative points to take note of. Don’t worry, though! If you continue to follow a proper schedule without burning yourself out, then it’s possible to keep a part-time job. All that while minimizing such effects on your mind and body.

Hopefully, this article on why part-time jobs are bad for students helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and learn more about dealing with your part-time job and school life today.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences as a working student, then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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