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Over 5,000 daily job seekers finding job opportunities on HKSlash. Also, we educate job seekers and provide various latest career-related information for improving the whole job seekers knowledge.


Over 1,000 employers already using Slash to publish free and effective job advertising to hire talents. Many of them are well-known companies. Please checkout our Featured Employers.

What can we help you

Free Job Advertising

Companies spend a lot of advertising fee on hiring before understanding employment platform performance. So we provide a free job posting service for all companies for reducing the employment cost.

Free Job Application

We manage job applications for reducing HR time cost. The system emails you when received a new application. Also, when the applicant updated their information, it automatically synchronizes the latest information to the job application. It is for you to easily track the applicant latest status.

Free Company Page

The system creates a company page for job seeker easily to track companies latest job postings.

Free Social Media Promotion

Your job posting will spread on social media for greatly increasing the exposure of job Ads.

Free Advertising on Google and Facebook

HKSlash will put job ads on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for increasing exposure. Of course, you no need to pay for it.

Fully Optimized

Social Media Optimized

HKSlash optimized job postings for Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. In different social media, your job ads also can perfectly present to talents.

Search Engine Optimized

HKSlash has an excellent strategy for SEO, so we have a lot of keywords on Google or Yahoo first page.

Mobile Device Optimized

HKSlash optimized responsive web design for all device. Our web-based UI is cross-device and cross-system, so users can use their favorite device to browse job postings.

User Experience Optimized

HKSlash spends a lot of time on interface design which is simple and easy to use for all users.

Performance Optimized

HKSlash uses a lot of latest cloud technology both on network and servers to provide high performance and high-quality services.

Employment For Everyone

All user can publish job advertising

Not a company? No worry! Personal user account also can publish Freelance, Temporary and Volunteer job postings!