The story about us

HKSlash believes that freelance styles will become mainstream in the future. People can choose more than one profession to match with their multiple talents. They are not limited to a single ability only. The freelance styles will become popular than full-time work. Employers no need to provide long term employment contract and benefits anymore for the freelance style. Also, freelancers can choose work at the home, office or whatever place they want. In additions, freelancers can set their own price and choose whether they want to serve more than one businesses at the same time.

Slash concept

Slash meaning a person with multiple talent, multiple careers, and multiple lifestyles. Slash is a new model of work and life success. Slash style becomes popular in the new generation of youth. They believe the Slash style is a mainstream of the future.


Founded in May 2018, HKSlash team development involves excellent leadership and support a team. After one month, HKSlash was published onto the internet in June 2018. We think the Slash style is the ultimate lifestyle in the future which is kept attracting people. That's why we established a employment platform to help people reach the Slash life mode.


To promote the Slash lifestyle. Rome wasn't built in a day. We want to use the platform to help people work out from the old working mode and become the Slash working modes.

Now a day, overtime is a successful business strategy within limits, but we understand that is not voluntary with staff. High working hours do not good for staff health and life. Both of highly efficient business environment and life are perfect matches. So that we hope to change the high working hour environment of Hong Kong.

Provide effective job advertising to help employer evaluate candidates on job-related criteria.

HKSlash helps employers get to know a potential job candidate. High efficient employment can reduce risks, time and high costs of job seeker and employer, so that HKSlash provides free job advertisements to different types of companies.

Our story is now in progress and there will be more exciting stories will come in...