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Propose a Hiring Request.

Employers can propose a hiring request when you fit their requirement. You can control the final discretion, so the proposed salary can be more aggressive.

Save Data Input Time

You can save resume and information on HKSlash. Just a few clicks when you apply for the job. Especially on applying a batch of jobs, 3X faster than email.

Automatic Synchronize

Have you ever sent the cover letter then notice the message actually with incorrect information? HKSlash helps you to solve this problem. You can modify the wrong information after applied for the job. All modified information automatic synchronize to the job application.

Privacy and Secure

Do Not Save Any Sensitive Data

We do not request you to input any sensitive data such as HKID, bank account number, credit card number, etc...

Authorized Persons Only

When you applying for the jobs, then the employers get the authorization to access your resume. No other unauthorized persons can bypass the authorization and access your resume.

Extra Care

Free Resume / CV Optimization

The resume is vital for those who have just graduated from school because the resume is key to get an interview chance. Signup an HKSlash personal account, then fill the mandatory information and upload resume. Send email to <a href=""></a> with "Resume Optimization" title, then let us know the target industry. We will provide the recommendations to assist you to create a professional resume.