Hessner Technologies Limited

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Industry : Manufacture of electronic parts

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Hessner Technologies is a Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) incubation company that was founded in 2020. We are dedicated to developing innovative hardware and software technologies that offer consumers total control of the energy storage and on-board energy harvesting in their electric vehicle (EV) for a more comfortable and stress-free user experience. Our power management system and high power density supercapacitor module which acts as a secondary energy supply for low speed and light duty EVs enables significant increase the lifespan of batteries and also enable efficient absorption of transient energy from on-board sources including-solar energy, regenerative braking etc to increase the driving range per charge. Our research and development of wide bandgap semiconductor power devices will enable fast charging and wireless capabilities paving the way for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure energy sharing and trading. Hessner develops innovations and offers end-to-end solutions that offer lower running cost and greater flexibility in energy storage options for low speed and light duty EV owners and fleet operators.

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