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Industry : Information technology

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 Imsight Technology is dedicated to research and development of artificial intelligence medical image analysis system to improveproductivity and diagnostic accuracy in the clinical workflow. We are an innovative high-tech company based in Hong Kong Science Park, with offices located in mainland China. We develop cutting-edge image processing technology-scalable in throughput, consistent in quality. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and machine-learning experts combines human and artificial intelligence to turn radiology, pathology, histopathology, ophthalmology data into quantitative results. Our revolutionary imaging-based AI-powered biomarkers leverage imaging assays for biomedical research, drug discovery and clinical diagnosis with the power of deep-learning. Recently, we Imsight Technology won an ICT award (Smart Healthcare) organized by HKITF, one of the most prestigious events in Dec 2020 and conducted a number of media interviews.  


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