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Perfect Shape (Holdings) Limited 作為香港最大上市美容集團,我們深信人才是我們成功的基礎。為令每一位員工成為業界的專才,我們會專供一連串的在職培訓及良好的晉升機會。歡迎有志的您加入我們,憑我們的集團的雄厚實力,必能令您成就夢想,開拓人生最美的一頁。As Hong Kong's largest listed Beauty Group, we believe that talent is the basis for our success. For every employee to become professionals in the industry, we will provide a series of on-the-job training and promotion opportunities. We are very welcome high calibers to join us. We are committed to making your dream of success and pioneering the most beautiful work life for you.

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