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ITS Tutorial School (ITS) provides private tutor services in English for a comprehensive range of Tertiary, Secondary and Primary school subjects for Hong Kong students. ITS specializes in individual or small group tuition for secondary school students and primary level students. We have a wide range of international tutors who are fully qualified in their subject areas and native English speakers, or language specialists.  

 o ITS Tutorial School is registered by the Hong Kong Education Bureau (since 2005; Hong Kong Registered Schools566985 & 600733). 

o ITS is accredited as a full Edexcel Academic Centre (No: 92885), recognized in 2010. This means we can prepare, enter and invigilate candidates in exactly the same way as at a mainstream/traditional school.  

o ITS is a UCAS centre (No: S45903). 

o ITS is an official Cambridge ATS Centre, administering admissions tests for the University of Cambridge (No: HK109). 

o ITS is an official BTEC centre (No: 92252).  

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