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 ​EVERWAYTECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a software company responsible for mobile paymentdevelopment. The main business is: electronic payment system, smart card,computer software and hardware, bank card automatic authorization applicationsystem, technology development of automatic payment terminal equipment andrelated technical consultation; sales of smart cards, computer hardware andsoftware. The company's business covers the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau andSoutheast Asia. We have more than 500 employees worldwide.​ 

The company is a start-up company in Hong Kong. It is located in Tsuen Wan. It isheadquartered in mainland China and has strong support. Its business scopecovers mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia. Its main businessis responsible for mobile payment software development, due to business needs.A large number of JAVA developers are needed to expand the market in Hong Kongand Southeast Asia. Those who are interested in developing with the companywill join us to create a better future.  

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