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Texury Sewing Studio is based in Hong Kong and specialises in production of fire retardant stage draperies and decorative fabrics for the entertainment and performance industry. Our team is experienced in sourcing technical fabrics and manufacturing different stage curtains or textile products. Our products are widely used in auditoriums, theatres, concert halls, schools and institutions, car shows, exhibitions, events and performances. 

Our materials are mostly imported from Europe, certified with British standard BS 5867 part 2B or German B1. We could also source materials from Korea, Taiwan, or other Asia countries, in response to your needs.  

百寶布專門製作舞台幕布,及提供各種event需要的裝飾布藝。我們的團隊有多年縫製舞台幕布經驗,由文化中心大劇院的幕布到中小學禮堂,也有演藝學院和各大學的TV studio,以及國內頂級車展,世博會,藝術展覽到各大 luxury brand events 所用的布藝裝飾。我們的材料主要來自歐洲和備有英式BS5867或德國B1阻燃證明,但也可以因應客戶需要採購韓國,台灣,中國,及其他亞洲地區的材料或設備。 

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