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Male - 16 year(s) experience


Talent on Copywriting, Design, Marketing and Social Media Crazy Social! 讓你以有限的成本預算,製作和目標顧客有共鳴的網上廣告,逾15年的線上和雜誌媒體經驗,善於發掘和帶動話題,圖文並茂且一語中的。如果你一直對廣告文宣苦無頭緒,尋尋覓覓感覺始終不如感覺,私信我吧,Crazy Social會是你的最佳拍檔。
Detail of profession

Crazy Social能讓你以有限的成本預算,製作和目標顧客有共鳴的網上廣告,逾15年的線上和雜誌媒體經驗,善於發掘和帶動話題,圖文並茂且一語中的。如果你一直對廣告文宣苦無頭緒,尋尋覓覓感覺始終不如感覺,私信我吧,Crazy Social會是你的最佳拍檔。 

Hello, this is Ng @Crazy Social with over 15 experiences on media, marketing, copywriting and visual design.please check my portfolio to assess and identify I am the right person for your business.I am looking forward to meet you soon, Thank You.

P.S. : Incase any error occured or you can't find my portfolio in this website. Kindly download my portfolio in PDF file from the onedrive link as below, Thanks.!AtwGvY7WHuACgYg0P2i90RRwLu45SA?e=CAQOie 


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