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啟導者教育中心以「愉快學習,啟發潛能」為理念,開拓學生對學習的興趣,對知識的追求,明白學習並非只為求分數,亦是為個人未來發展做好準備。 我們擁有專業的教學團隊,設有中、小學的學術課程及興趣課程,進行學術及心靈教育,除了著重培訓學生的學業成績,亦注重品德培育及學習動力,從而得到平衡的成長發展。 我們深信學生們就是小樹苗,經過老師們的灌溉,學生有正面吸收和良好學習動機,從而獲得更多的知識及愉快地...Know more

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Working hours:

Starting from September, on every Monday/Thursday/Friday 11:00-12:00p.m. & 1:00-2:00p.m. (at least 2 classes, 2-4 classes on the same day)

Working location: Luen Wo Hui, Fanling

Job Description

- Teaching kids in groups of 10-12 children, K1-K3 groups, mainly practise children listening skills

- Prepare lesson plan, work sheet, class materials for children

- Create a positive and fun English learning environment for children

- Maintain a safe and well-organised classroom

Skills & Requirements

- Native English speakers

- Preferably holds a Degree holder or Diploma/Certificate in Education

- Preference will be given to applicants with relevant experience

- Friendly, creative, enthusiastic, patient and love working with children

- Responsible and punctual

- Must possess valid working visa in Hong Kong or Hong Kong permanent resident

To apply please send your CV (including qualification, all relevant document) and state the available days by email ( to us. 

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