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BEX Solutions Limited滙智系統成立於2012年。我們致力應用最新技術,主力開發各種雲端系統及手機應用程式,充分運用個人智能電話與後台雲端系統的整合,協助企業提升管理質量及運作效益,幫助業務迅速發展,從而提升競爭力,傲視同儕!我們的專業團隊擁有多年軟件開發經驗,充分了解用戶的需要及期望,亦掌握系統順利開發及成功推行的關鍵要素。我們將不斷為客戶提供和研發有效、易用以及穩定可靠...Know more

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Job Responsibilities:

• Design, Develop, & Maintain Apps / web applications in Java, C#, AngularJS, MVC framework, Web Services, HTML5, ASP.NET

• Conduct code review process to ensure efficiently designed databases, code execution, unit tests and verify efficient application support and optimized maintenance.

• Responsible for the overall development life cycle of applications

• Commit to project plans, schedules, and resource assignments as required to respond to emerging requirements and risks

Job Requirements:

• High Diploma or above in Computer Science / Information Technology or equivalent experience

• 2 - 3 years of software development experience in .NET, C#, XML, AngularJS, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, SQL database• Experience in App Development will be an advantage.

• Good analytical skills, self-motivated, and able to work under pressure

• Immediate available is preferred

• Salary negotiable

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Don't believe in job advertisements requiring barely any experience or qualifications but offering a good sum of money.

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