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Yiu Po Consultant & Engineering Co. Limited

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Yiu Po Engineering provides a core selection ofengineering design services.   Engineering Consultant Decoration Design,HVAC, Fire Service, BMS, Electric System, Water Supply & Drainage System.   Know more

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1. 懂AutoCAD繪圖程式,負責繪圖及修改工作  

2. 經驗不拘   

3. 五天工作 (星期一至三辦公室工作畫圖,星期四及星期五Home Office 工作)  

4. 二至三個月短期合約   

5. 奧運站,寫字樓工作   

6. 有E&M經驗優先   

7. 辦公時間上午九時至六時  

8. 可即時上班者優先  

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