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龍瀛國際控股有限公司 New Winner International Holding Limited

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龍瀛國際控股有限公司旗下擁有多個香港保健品零售品牌,包括Yamatoo、日本阪聖、WinWin、荷爾氏、中南海一號、奇路氏等本地最高銷量品牌。 New Winner International Holding Limited is a global and local renowned retail leader in the health product sector. We have s...Know more

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Sales Manager

Company: New Winner International Holding LimitedDesignation: Sales Team


Working for the sales team of our company, New Winner International Holding Limited, global and local renowned retail leader in the health product sector, this role provides top level support in high demanding and rapid professional services environment. A challenging and demanding role, working directly with the General Manager of Sales (Hong Kong) and elites of his local sales team. In this role, you will make consistent and magnificent achievement by meeting company needs and maximising impact in the team.

You will build up your own network with the sales talent in the industry as well as future bright career development opportunities in the international environment, including some developing oversea projects.

Job Description

  • Identify potential sales candidates to comprise into our sales group.
  • Assess and respond to the needs of each potential sales candidates and ensure they are attracted to be one of us.
  • Negotiate and pursue potential sales candidates to be hired as our promoters.
  • Provide support and solutions to enquiries from our promoters in order to develop good business environment and building relationship with them as well as to maintain and grow sales.
  • Balance micro and macro management style in leading your team and compassing your plan.
  • Assess sales data and allocate resources to make sales growth.
  • Work as an passionate sales expert in NewWinnerGroup to maximise the commercial performance.


We are looking for elites with:

  • University Degree (Candidates who are major in business related subject will have preference.)
  • Prior exposure to industry of Sales, Human Resource Management and/or Recruitment is preferred. (Fresh Graduate and those without experience will be highly welcomed as well.)
  • Highly ambitious, outgoing, passionate, energetic, independent and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills as well as entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Fluent verbal communication skills ; Fluent in Cantonese and proficient in Mandarin and English.
  • A pair of excellent ears to listen and follow while you may also need a brilliant brain to think more than what you listen and to outperform the existence.

Interested candidates please email your CV directly to terryfung@yamatoochoice.com and no worry that you still do not have a CV yet, send your email to show your enthusiasm first. We will connect with you as soon as you are confident to reach us out.



公司: 龍瀛國際控股有限公司

部門: 銷售部





  • 在市場上尋找合適的店鋪銷售員,並尋求他們加入我們的大團隊。
  • 評估市場上銷售人才的需求,並加以配合,好能吸引他們願意加入我們的銷售前線。
  • 收集人才市場的大數據,並加以分析,以高效的方式呈現並實踐資訊,值此增加我們銷售部的實力。
  • 為銷售團隊的前線銷售員提供貼心的服務,好能協助他們達到銷售目標。
  • 平衡微觀與宏觀的管理方式,帶領整個團隊實踐銷售計劃。
  • 分析銷售數據,面對難題與變化,以數據為大前提提出高效顯著的市場發展方案。
  • 保持熱情態度工作,為龍瀛國際團隊及自己帶來最大的商業價值。



  • 香港本地大專院校畢業生(商科畢業生優先);
  • 擁有銷售、人力資源管理和招聘經驗優先(應屆畢業生亦非常歡迎);
  • 充滿熱情、不怕辛苦、有遠見、外向、溝通社交能力強和獨立;
  • 對團隊發展有理念和遠見;
  • 擁有流利的廣東話溝通能力;基本的普通話和英語溝通能力;
  • 聆聽能力者,懂得聆聽團隊聲音,並需要一顆智慧的腦袋為團隊帶來合適的意見。

有興趣的您,請直接將個人履歷傳到以下電郵:terryfung@yamatoochoice.com,在電郵當中請註明「銷售經理招聘」,並隨意表達一下你自己或者對工作有什麼預想,我們會立即與您聯絡。(如 還未擁有個人履歷的畢業生,不要怕,就在電郵中介紹一下自己,好使我們多點認識您,您的勇氣將會受到我們的重視,您的勇氣將會為您帶來機會,只管信。)


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