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We are a light and shadow technology company, with our technical strength to create the ideal environment for Hong Kong.We are looking for capable and passionate people to take on interesting job c...Know more

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工作職責:-負責公司的招聘及崗位需求資訊的發佈;-負責招聘廣告的撰寫、招聘網站的維護、崗位更新和資訊溝通;-每月公司員工考勤匯總;-完成領導安排的其他任務。工作要求:-F7或以上,有相關工作經驗者優先;-應屆畢業生亦可申請;-熟悉辦公軟體和辦公設備;-性格開朗,工作認真負責,有責任心;-較強的溝通協調能力,工作勤奮,抗壓能力強 ;


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