Freelance Transcriber (聽寫員)

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GMOC Media is a company to deliver professional and high-quality service including transcription, subtitle translation and subtitle localization in different languages for TVs and Movies etc from different video providers. Our team has many years of experience in the industry. Through localizing subtitle, it removes the linguistic and cultural barriers. Audiences can enjoy content from different regions.   

Besides traditional broadcast TV or cable TV, many streaming platforms launched, the demand of subtitles is increasing. To provide various services and handle large volume projects in the future, we are now hiring freelance subtitlers to work together.   

Freelance Transcriber

  • Cantonese transcriber
  • Mandarin transcriber
  • English transcriber


  1. Strong listening skills 
  2. Fast and accurate typing skills 
  3. Efficient task completion skills. 
  4. Strong grammar and good command of written English and Chinese  
  5. Basic computer knowledge and typing skills 
  6. Responsibility, Detail-oriented, detail-minded,and Punctuality   

No matter you have experience or not, we sincerely invite you to JOIN US. 

If you are interested in, please submit the form : . We will contact you shortly.

Please visit our company website for more company information.

Beware of Employment Traps

Please do not provide sensitive info such as HKID, Back Account and Credit Card Number when you apply the job post.

Don't believe in job advertisements requiring barely any experience or qualifications but offering a good sum of money.

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