Wealth Management Manager

Job Info
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Job Responsibility:

  • Work closely with clients to analyze their financial situation
  • Develop comprehensive strategies for their wealth management
  • Provide full spectrum of financial planning services, including savings, investment, retirement, risk management and education fund to clients
  • Constantly monitor and review their financial plans to assist them in achieving their short and long term financial goals


  • University Graduate or above (fresh graduates will also be considered)
  • For non-degree holders, Associate Financial Planner Program will be offered
  • Experience in Banking or Financial Planning Industry will be advantage
  • Self-motivated, Confident, Energetic
  • Excellent Interpersonal, Communication and Presentation Skills


Attractive Benefits:

  • Monthly Allowance ( 10K - 50K or above for University Graduate)
  • No Ceiling Commission + Year-end-bonus
  • Overseas Conventions / Incentive Trips
  • 18 months on-job Professional Training Program
  • Professional Designation Training Program (e.g. CFP, RFP, FchFp etc)
  • Fast Promotion Path to Management Level


财富管理经理 (大中华市场)



  • 为客户提供专业的财务策划服务,包括人寿医疗保险丶储蓄丶投资及退休计划
  • 开拓香港及内地客户群
  • 建立良好的客户关系丶发展客户网络以开创商机
  • 定期了解客户的财政需要及检讨现有财务计划
  • 发展及管理专业财务策划团队



  • 提供良好晋升机会(可於一年晋升管理阶层)
  • 丰厚佣金加年终花红
  • 海外旅游及会议奖赏
  • 提供在职专业培训和跟进课程



  • 持有大学学历者優先
  • 持有有效香港身份证
  • 良好国内人际网络優先
  • 具备良好人际沟通技巧及表达能力
  • 成熟,有积极性,主动,外向独立及有目标感
  • 有志建立个人事业,发展成为理财策划优秀专才
Beware of Employment Traps

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Don't believe in job advertisements requiring barely any experience or qualifications but offering a good sum of money.

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