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易商務稅務財策有限公司專業從事會計、稅務、公司秘書、商標注冊及人力資源諮詢服務。服務團隊擁有中、英、日本語的溝通能力,絕對是您公司在開拓香港及中國大陸市場的最強後盾,對您企業的發展適時提出最佳建議,堅守「為客增值」的宗旨,提供專業貼心的服務。   Know more

Job Info

2 years of working experience

Flexible working hours
$90 per hour

Beware of Employment Traps

Please do not provide sensitive info such as HKID, Back Account and Credit Card Number when you apply the job post.

Don't believe in job advertisements requiring barely any experience or qualifications but offering a good sum of money.

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