Job Feature: Hotel / Catering

Salary Currencies


於2016年成立 , 現經營8間連鎖《616牛肉火鍋專門店》

Monthly Pay(HKD) : $15000

Company User : 616餐飲管理有限公司



負責店舖日常運作,保持店舖衞生, 煮食(麵食、飯類、炸物、台式飲品), 確保食物質素,控制出品品質。

Monthly Pay(HKD) : $16000 - $20000

Company User : 午後煮角 Afternoon Corner

Bar Server - few posts (22K, Full time/ Part time, high-end bar) - Ref. 1724

We are a professional, dynamic and aggressive consultancy providing a wide range of recruitment related solutions to our clients around the world. We have a successful proven track record for searching & selecting the right talent for different corporations.

Monthly Pay(HKD) : $19000 - $22000

Company User : KEK Consultancy Company Limited